2019 Weekly Broadcast Archive

12/30/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN001, GOG-0281, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018, NRG-HN004
12/23/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR005, NRG-LU002, NRG-LU004, NRG-LU005, NRG-GI003, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018, NRG-HN004
12/19/2019 Happy Holidays
12/16/2019 NRG-GI005: Activation
12/16/2019 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0252, NRG-HN004, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
12/13/2019 NRG-BR004 Cenetron Lab Kit Error
12/9/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU002, RTOG 0834, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018, NRG-HN004
12/6/2019 NRG-DT001: Cohort A Temporarily Closed to Accrual
12/6/2019 New Investigator Committee Application Deadline Extension
12/5/2019 NRG-LU003: Ceritinib Action Letter & Amendment
12/4/2019 NSABP B-31 & B-31.1: Study Update
12/2/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN001, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018, NRG-HN004
11/25/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN004, NRG-GI003, NRG-BR002, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
11/21/2019 Happy Thanksgiving
11/20/2019 NRG-GY018 Neogenomics Holiday Hours
11/19/2019 CTEP-AERS update
11/18/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY022, NRG-BR002, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009
11/15/2019 Updated NRG Slide/Poster Templates
11/13/2019 HDC Accepting Applications
11/11/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY004, NSABP B-55, NRG-BR004, NRG-BR005, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, RTOG 1308, NRG-LU003
11/5/2019 NRG-GY004 Amendment 11
11/4/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, GOG-0239, NRG-GY018, NSABP B-55, NRG-BR003, NRG-BR004, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY009
10/28/2019 Weekly Broadcast: CCTG CE.7, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
10/21/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-55, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
10/14/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY021, NRG-GI002, NRG-GY014, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
10/9/2019 NRG-GY009: Call for data submission 
10/7/2019 GOG-0252 Memorandum
10/7/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1114, NRG-DT001, RTOG 0834/EORTC-26053-22054, NRG-CC003, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
10/3/2019 PSC Accepting Applications
10/2/2019 NRG-LU003 Ensartinib Action Letter and Amendment 
9/30/2019 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0241, NRG-CC002, NRG-GY005, NRG-GU007, RTOG 1308, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY018
9/23/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR004, NRG-GU006, NRG-GU007, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
9/16/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR002, RTOG 1119, NRG-GU006, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
9/13/2019 NRG-BR002 Temporarily Closed to Accrual 
9/12/2019 RTOG 1119 Closure Notice
9/10/2019 RTOG 1119 Upcoming Closure Notice 
9/9/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR004, GOG-0281, GOG-0210, GOG-0239, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
9/3/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU005, NRG-LU002, NRG-BR004, NSABP B-51, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
8/26/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY019, NRG-CC001, NRG-LU005, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018, NRG-LU003
8/19/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR003, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY005, NRG-LU005, NRG-BR002, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018 
8/15/2019 NRG-BR003 and NRG-GI004 Amendment Activations
8/14/2019 NRG-GY018: Kit Ordering
8/12/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-55, NRG-BN001, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-GY018
8/8/2019 NRG-CC007CD: re-opened to practice 
8/5/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, NRG-GU006. NRG-GY014, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009, NRG-LU005
8/2/2019 NRG-GY018: Formatting issues have been corrected on CTSU
7/29/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY018, GOG-0238, GOG-0237, RTOG 1115, CCTG CE.7
7/26/2019 NRG-GY014: Suspended to endometrial patients, ovarian suspension imminent
7/22/2019 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0237, NRG-GU007, NRG-GI004/SWOG S1610, NRG-LU003
7/17/2019 NRG-GI004: Site Activation Payments
7/17/2019 NRG-GU007: Reopened to Accrual with Amendment 1 
7/16/2019 NRG-GY018: Activation and Temporary Closure
7/15/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN005, CCTG CE.7, RTOG 1112, NRG-LU003, NRG-CC004, NRG-BR004, NSABP B-51/BIG 6-13, NRG-GY009
7/12/2019 NRG-RTOG 1112: Reopened to Accrual with Amendment 7 
7/11/2019 NRG-LU003: Brigatinib action letter and amendments 1-2
7/10/2019 NRG-HN005: Activation 
7/8/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY009
7/2/2019 NRG-BR005 Temporary Closure
7/1/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 0924, NRG-DT001, NRG-CC004, NRG-BR004, NRG-GY007, NRUG-LU003
6/27/2019 NRG-RTOG 1112: Temporarily Closed to Accrual
6/24/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112, GOG-0281, NRG-GY003, NRG-GY012, NRG-BR002, NRG-GI002, NRG-GU006, NRG-GY009
6/20/2019 NRG-RTOG 0924: Study Closed to Patient Accrual
6/17/2019 NRG-GY012: Study Closed to Patient Accrual
6/17/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY009, NRG-RTOG 1308, NRG-CC004
6/14/2019 NRG-GY012 Reminder of Impending Closure
6/10/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU007,  NRG-GI004, and NRG-GY009
6/4/2019 NCI ComboMatch Study
6/3/2019 NRG-DT001
6/3/2019 NRG-GU007: Activation and Temporary Closure 
6/3/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU005, RTOG 1119, RTOG 0924, GOG-0281, NSABP-B-55
5/31/2019 NRG-GY012: Impending Closure
5/28/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY007, NRG-HN001, NRG-CC007CD, NRG-GY009 
5/20/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU003, NRG-GI002, NRG-GY006, NRG-BR003, NRG-LU003, NSABP B-43
5/17/2019  NRG-BR005 Amendment #1 Activation
5/13/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY016, NRG-GY009, NRG-HN004, and NRG-CC004
5/13/2019 NRG-GI002 Temporary Suspension of Accrual
5/9/2019 Temporary Closure: NRG-GY009 
5/6/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC003, NRG-BR002, NRG-GI002
4/29/2019 Weekly Broadcast: S1806, NRG-GY009, NRG-GI002, NSABP B-55, GOG-0170R, 0186G, 0186K, 0254, 0260, 0277
4/22/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1119, RTOG 0534, RTOG 0834, NSABP B-55, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI006, NRG-GY009
4/16/2019 Press Release: NRG Oncology Awarded NCI Funding for Next 6 Years, Receives “Exceptional” Score
4/15/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-GI002, NRG-GY016, NRG-CC007CD, NRG-DT001, OUTBACK/GOG-0274/RTOG 1174, NRG-GY009
4/10/2019  NRG-GY016: Temporary Closure
4/8/2019 NRG-GY012: Reactivation
4/8/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY014, NRG-LU003, NRG-CC007CD, NRG-GY001, NRG-GI002, GOG-9926
4/5/2019 NRG-GY012: Investigator and Patient Letter
4/1/2019 NRG-LU003 Activation
4/1/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 0815, NSABP B-55, NRG-CC003, NRG-CC004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY009
3/29/2019  NRG-GY014 Activation
3/28/2019 NSABP B-55 / BIG 6-13 Step 1 Reg & Accrual Closure Announcement
3/27/2019 NRG-CC007CD Activation
3/25/2019 NSABP B-55 / BIG 6-13 Accrual Closure Announcement
3/25/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR004, GI002, GU006, HN004
3/18/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR004, NRG-GY003, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI006, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY007
3/12/2019 NRG-BR004 Activation
3/12/2019 Protocol NRG-DT001 - Cohort A: Temporarily Closed to Accrual 
3/12/2019 Protocol NRG-HN004 - Study Reopened to Phase II Portion with Protocol Amendment 3
3/11/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI006, GOG-0213, NRG-HN004, NRG-LU004, NRG-RTOG 1119, NRG-BR003, NRG-GI002, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY007
3/6/2019 Protocol NRG-LU004: Study Reopened to Accrual with Protocol Amendment 1
3/6/2019 NRG-GI006: Protocol Activation
3/4/2019 Weekly Broadcast
2/25/2019 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 0926, NRG-HN001, NSABP B-55, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY007, S1806, NRG-LU002
2/18/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-RTOG 0924, NRG-GI002, NRG-CC003, NRG-CC004, NRG-GY004
2/11/2019  Weekly Broadcast
2/4/2019  NRG-GY012: Temporary Closure Notice
2/4/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN002, RTOG 1010, GOG-0239, NRG-GY004, NRG-GY005, NRG-GY012, NSABP B-55, NRG-GU006
1/29/2019 NSABP B-39/RTOG 0413 & NSABP B-40 Closure Notice
1/29/2019 NRG Oncology Newsletter Broadcast 
1/28/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-39, B-40, B-55; NRG-GY004, GY008, GY016
1/21/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN005, NSABP B-55, NRG-GU005, NRG-GY004, GOG-0281, NRG-LU004
1/17/2019 Biospecimen Banks Inclement Weather Announcement
1/14/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY003, NRG-BN001, NRG-BN005, NRG-CC003
1/10/2019 NRG-GY005: Blood Pressure Cuff Supply
1/9/2019 NRG-GY012: Blood Pressure Cuff Supply
1/9/2019 NRG-CC003 Protocol Reopening 
1/7/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU004, GI002, HN004
1/4/2019 Protocol Activation and Temporary Closure Notice for NRG-LU004
1/2/2019 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI002

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