2018 Weekly Broadcast Archive

12/26/2018 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0262, NRG-LU001, RTOG 1106, NRG-HN001, BR002, CC004, GY007
12/18/2018 Holiday Closures
12/17/2018 Hu5F9-G4 Project Team Member Application 
12/17/2018  Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY005, HN001, LU002
12/13/2018  NRG-DT001 Trial Re-opening 
12/10/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-LU002, RTOG 1106/ACRIN 6697, NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304, GOG-0278, NRG-HN001
12/3/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1122; NRG-BN005, BR005, LU002, LU005, HN004
11/28/2018 NRG-GY017: Amendment 1
11/26/2018 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0278; NRG-GY009, GY016, BR003, GI002, GI004, LU002
11/21/2018 NRG-DT001 Reopened to Accrual with Amendment 4
11/21/2018 Thanksgiving Wishes
11/19/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN001, NSABP B-55, NRG-BR002, NRG-GI004, GOG-0274/RTOG 1174, NRG-LU002
11/14/2018 Semiannual Meeting Registration now Open!
11/12/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1008, NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-BR003, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-LU002, NRG-GY017
11/9/2018 Register Today: NRG-LU002 Webinar on 11/29/18
11/6/2018 Survey Request for NRG Oncology Sites: R01 Smoking Cessation and Relapse Interventions - Closes 11/21/2018
11/5/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1122, NSABP B-55, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY012
11/1/2018  HDC Research Vice Chair Applications
10/29/2018 Weekly Broadcast: COG-NRG ARST1321, NRG-GI002, NRG-GI003, NRG-GU006
10/26/2018 NRG-GY017 activation
10/22/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC004, GI002, GU006, GY007
10/19/2018 Protocol NRG-CC004: AE Reporting and PRO Compliance
10/17/2018 PSC Accepting Applications
10/15/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1008, RTOG 0834; NRG-BR002, NRG-BR003; NSABP B-55; NRG-GI002
10/10/2018 Deadline Approaching: NRG Oncology Membership Committee Application 
10/9/2018 NRG-GI004 and NRG-GY009: Action Letter and Amendment
10/8/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY003, NRG-GU006, Biospecimen Bank - Columbus & SDMC Refurbishment, VTOC Webinar Training Series 
10/4/2018 Protocol Permanent Closure: NRG-HN003  
10/1/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU006, GY007; GOG-0210; RTOG 1308
9/28/2018 NRG-GY016: Activation
9/24/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN005, GY007, HN003, LU002; RTOG 1119, GOG-0210
9/17/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN003, NRG-GU006, GOG-0278, NRG-BR003, GOG-0210
9/17/2018 GYN Committee Application and Instructions
9/13/2018  DS-8201a Project Team Member Application
9/12/2018 PROTOCOL NRG-BN001: Temporary closure notice to the advanced imaging sub-study for patients enrolling to Group II: Proton Cohort 
9/12/2018 Hurricane Florence Notice: Potential Impact on NRG Oncology Research
9/11/2018 NRG-HN004 Newsletter Vol. 2  
9/11/2018 NRG-GY008 Closure Notice
9/10/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI003, NRG-CC004, NRG-BR005, GOG-0210, NRG-LU002
9/5/2018 Membership Committee Application Call 
9/4/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR002, GY003, GY006, GY012, GU006, HN001; RTOG 0627
NRG-GY004: Amendment 8
8/28/2018 NRG-GY004 & GY005: Action Letter and Amendments
8/27/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BN003; RTOG 1114; NRG-BR002; NRG-BR003; NRG-GI002
8/24/2018 GOG-0225: Closure
8/20/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU006; RTOG 1115; GOG-0239; NRG-GY005; NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13; AGCT1531
8/15/2018 NRG-GI002 Protocol Re-Activation
8/14/2018 Press Release: Cetuximab with radiation found to be inferior to standard treatment in HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer  
8/13/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR003, LU002; GOG-0225; NSABP B-37, BP-59; B-55/BIG 6-13 
8/6/2018 NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304 BAHO/QoL closure
8/6/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN004, NRG-GU006, NRG-HN001, NRG-BR003, NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-GI004, NRG-GY007
7/30/2018 NRG-DT001: Temporarily Closed to Accrual 
7/30/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1115, NRG-BR005
7/23/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY016, GOG-0225, NRG-BN001, NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY009 
7/20/2018 Protocol NRG-BN001: Group I/Photon Cohort Closure for Advanced Imaging Sites 
7/18/2018 Protocol NRG-BN001Closure notice for advanced imaging sites enrolling to Group I: Photon Cohort 
7/16/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR003; GY004
7/9/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GU003; NSABP B-55/
BIG 6-13
7/5/2018 NRG-GU003: Closure Notice
7/2/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI004, GI001, BR002; NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13 
6/25/2018 Weekly Broadcast: Routine AE Reporting Guidance Document, NRG-BR003, NRG-GY007, VTOC Training
6/18/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY007, GY009, HN004, GOG-0225
6/14/2018 Survey Request for NRG Sites:  RO1 Physical Activity Interventions
6/13/2018 NRG-HN004: Temporarily Closed to Accrual
6/11/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GY007; GY009; GU006; HN004
6/8/2018 NRG-GY009: Pending Protocol Reactivation scheduled for June 18, 2018
6/4/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1306, NRG-LU002, NRG-DT001, NRG-HN004
6/1/2018 NRG-RTOG 0848 Study Closure
5/30/2018 NRG-RTOG 0848 Closure 
5/29/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1205, NRG-HN004
5/25/2018 Memorial Day Office Closure Notice 
5/21/2018 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0086P; NRG-GY004; RTOG 9402, 0630, 0848

RFP for Gyn Cancer Subcommittees

5/15/2018 Digital Health and Personal Connected Health Minisymposium Flyer 
5/15/2018 Correction to Weekly Broadcast
5/14/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 9802, RTOG 9813, RTOG 0131, RTOG 9408, RTOG 0233, RTOG 0621, RTOG 0615, ROTG 0618, RTOG 0915, NRG-GY007, NRG-GY009, RTOG 0920, GOG-0274/RTOG 1174, RTOG 0631, RTOG 1119
5/11/2018 NRG-HN004 Newsletter
5/10/2018 PROTOCOL NRG-GI003 and NRG-GU005 CTCAE v 5 Conversion for CRFs
5/8/2018 Soliciting Applications for Breast Committee
5/7/2018 Rogaratinib Project Team Member Application
5/7/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 0848, NRG-HN004, NRG-BR002, NRG-BR005, NRG-GI002
5/1/2018 Semiannual Meeting Registration is now open
4/30/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-CC004, GU006
4/27/2018 NRG-GU006: Activation
4/23/2018 Weekly Broadcast:  NSABP B-47, GOG-0263, NRG-HN004, NRG-BR003, NRG-HN001, NRG-GI004
4/16/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN003, RTOG 1308, NRG-BN005, NRG-BR003, NSABP B-55, NRG-GI004
4/12/2018 Deadline Approaching: NRG Oncology NCORP CPC Applications
4/12/2018 Deadline Approaching: NRG Oncology NCORP CCDR Applications
4/11/2018 Protocol NRG-BN005 - CTCAE v 5 conversion for CRFs
4/9/2018 GOG-0186H has NOT been terminated
4/9/2018 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0281, 0225; 0277, 9923; GOG terminations; NSABP B-55; NRG-HN003 
4/6/2018 Protocol NRG-HN003: Temporarily Closed to Accrual
4/6/2018 Planned Systems Outage on 4/8/18
4/4/2018 Special Broadcast: Dr. Chakravarti Selected to Serve on NCI Advisory Board of Scientific Counselors 
4/2/2018 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0239, NRG-BR003, RTOG 1119, NRG-GI004
3/30/2018 Press Release: Dr. Felix Feng Selected as the New NRG Oncology Genitourinary Cancer Committee Chair
3/29/2018 CTCAE Conversion from v4.0 to v5.0 in NRG Oncology Trials
3/29/2018  OUTBACK Easter Closure memo: GOG-0274/RTOG 1174
3/28/2018  REMINDER: Cancer Care Delivery Research (CCDR) Committee Soliciting Applications for Membership
3/27/2018 PROTOCOL RTOG 0920 - CLOSURE
3/26/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR001, RTOG 0920, NRG-HN003, NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-BR002, NRG-BR003
3/26/2018 Save the Date: Minisymposium: Digital Health & Personal Connected Health
3/23/2018 Press Release: Drs Fisher & Wolmark receive SSO award
3/22/2018 Protocol Support Committee Accepting Applications
3/20/2018  REMINDER: Soliciting Applications for NCORP CCDR 2018  
3/20/2018  REMINDER: Soliciting Applications for NCORP CPC 2018
3/19/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR003; RTOG 1119, RTOG 1308; NRG-GI004
3/12/2018  Radium-223 Project Team Member Application 
3/12/2018  Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR005, NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13, NRG-CC001, RTOG 1308 
3/7/2018 NRG-BR003 Amendment Activation
3/7/2018 Press Release: NRG Oncology NCORP PI, Dr. Bruner, Appointed as NCI Global Health Working Group Co-Chair
3/5/2018 Weekly Broadcast: GOG-0263; NSABP B-39/RTOG 0413; B-55/BIG 6-13; NRG-BR003; GI004/S1610; HN004; CC004
3/2/2018 NRG-GY004: Important Notice
2/27/2018 NRG Surgical Oncology Committee Application: Reminder that applications are due by Friday, March 2nd.
2/26/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-HN002; RTOG 0920; NSABP B-51/RTOG 1304; NRG-BR003; NRG-LU002
2/21/2018 NRG CCDR Committee Application: All applications and required materials are due by 3/30/2018.
2/19/2018 Soliciting Applications for NCORP CCDR
2/19/2018 Soliciting Applications for NCORP CPC
2/19/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1119; RTOG 1308; NRG-GI002; NRG-HN004
2/15/2018  ECOG-ACRIN EAE161: Activation (you may credit enrollment to NRG Oncology)
2/15/2018 NRG Surgical Oncology Committee Application: Now soliciting for committee members. All applications and associated materials are due by 3/2/2018.
2/14/2018 NRG-GY011: Closure
2/14/2018 Press Release: NRG Oncology Appoints NCORP Investigator, Matthew Hudson, as Cancer Care Delivery Research Committe Co-Chair
2/13/2018 GOG-0281: Closure to screening
2/13/2018 Press Release: Aghajanian Appointed NRG Oncology Gynecologic Cancer Committee Chair
2/12/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NRG-GI002; DT001; GU005; RTOG 1112
2/9/2018 NRG-GI002: Temporary Suspension of Accrual
2/8/2018 NRG-GI002: Anticipated Temporary Suspension of Accrual
2/5/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 1112; GOG-0281; NRG-HN002; NRG-HN004; RTOG 9804; NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13; GOG-0286B; GOG legacy protocols
2/2/2018 GOG-0286B: Closure Follow-up Notice
2/1/2018 GOG-0286B: Closure
1/29/2018  GOG-0281: Notice of upcoming Closure
1/29/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13
1/23/2018 NRG Oncology Welcomes Its New Executive Director, Kati Stoermer
1/23/2018 NRG Oncology Newsletter: Vol. 1 2018
1/22/2018  Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR002; NRG-BR005; NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13; NRG-GY011; RTOG 0920; NRG-HN004 
1/16/2018 NRG-GI004: Administrative Revision 1
1/15/2018 Weekly Broadcast: RTOG 0920; NRG-BR003; NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13; NRG-GI002
1/12/2018 NRG-GY004: Temporary closure to Japanese sites
1/11/2018 NRG-GY006: Reactivation and Amendment 2
1/8/2018  Weekly Broadcast: NRG-BR003; NRG-BR005; NSABP B-55/BIG 6-13; NRG-GU005
1/4/2018 NRG-GY006: Temporary Closure
1/2/2018 Weekly Broadcast: NSABP B-39; NRG-GU005


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