Seeking Applications for BIQSFP Funding for Non-real Time Integrated Studies for NCTN & NCORP Trials

February 22 2024

The NCI has announced the opportunity to submit for supplements to fund non-real time (NRT) integrated studies associated with NCTN or NCORP-supported studies. Each group is allowed to submit up to 3 proposals for NCTN and up to 2 proposals for NCORP. Please see attached for full details and eligibility. 

We will select the most relevant and highly feasible proposals which meet program guidelines. To make this most efficient, we developed the following process and deadlines to support selecting the proposals we will submit to NCI: 

1. Please submit an abstract (as an attached PDF) of your proposal by 8 AM ET on 3/19/2024 to:

In the email, please note 

  • Contact name and email related to the submission
  • A brief statement related to any feasibility issues – strengths or weakness associated with conduct of the proposed research. NRG reviewers will weigh the likelihood of completion of the project within the BIQ timeline – the NCI is clear this has to be done within the year; funds are only available within that timeframe.  

2. NRG will assess the submissions as follows:

  • For feasibility (Are data/samples available? Is study at least 75% complete? Can this reasonably be done within the required timeline? Is the proposal statistically sound?)
  • For committees with multiple submissions, we will ask the committee chair to prioritize the committee’s submissions.
  • For overall fit and eligibility for the funding program
    1. Parent trial(s) must be a randomized phase 2 or 3 trial
    2. Trials with primary outcome data published (abstract on manuscript) published prior to November 24, 2023 are not eligible
    3. Exploratory studies are not eligible

3. The NRG Research Strategy Committee Chair and Vice Chairs and/or the NCORP PIs will assess the applications for scientific relevance and significance. Balanced with feasibility, they will rank the submissions in order to select those NRG will submit. 

4. We will communicate the results of the review to applicants by April 8, 2024. 

5. Applicants approved for submission will be assigned an Operations Center liaison that they will work with to develop the budget and the required submission materials. Intermediate deadlines will be determined by the Operations Center liaison. The forms that will be required for the complete application and instructions can be downloaded from the NCI BIQSFP website.  

6. The Final Application must be submitted to the NRG Grants and Contracts office no later than May 24. NRG will process and submit the final application to the NCI. 

7. NCTN Program Note: If a proposal is being submitted in connection with an NCTN trial that is/was conducted under a CTEP Binding Collaborative Agreement and that proposal is selected for funding, please note that the CTEP company collaborator for that trial will need to review/comment and/or approve the proposal, depending on the trial’s status. Such proposals if selected for funding will have a status of “Approval on Hold” until the company has reviewed it. Also, if any proposal has partial funding from an outside source (e.g., another company) and the BIQSFP application is being submitted for additional funding of a component of the proposal, then that information should be disclosed cover letter of the BIQSFP proposal.

Please forward this announcement to colleagues as appropriate. Questions? Please contact for NCTN studies and for NCORP studies

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